Born and raised in Scotland to her Scottish mother and father of Polish descent, Anna K Jarosz’s tenacity and ambition come by her quite naturally. Anna began playing piano at the delicate age of seven. She points to the joy of composing waltzes for her granny and relishing the attention it brought her as the first moments she knew her destiny had the performing arts in mind.

Anna’s youth was heavily influenced by her older sisters who always seemed to have their finger on the pulse of where music emerges, introducing her to fiery artists such as Tori Amos and Beth Orton.

After obtaining her BA of music with honors in 2005 from University of Edinburgh, Anna began playing in local rooms building a strong following of music enthusiasts who inspired her to pursue her passion for song writing.

In 2007, while working at The Queens Hall in Edinburgh,  Anna made connections with a music producer from Brooklyn with whom she went on to record several tracks in the following year following an invitation to move to New York to record with him and introduce her talent to the USA.

Anna secured her Visa and packed her bags knowing full well she was diving head first into a big sea of dreamers like herself. Anna admits the road to recognition is long and well worn by weary travelers but she believes those who have gone before her have carved out steps where she finds herself all along the way finding sure footing.

Anna’s songs are complex and mesmerizing layering her rich musical foundation with strong, emotional and poetic lyrics that stir the heart of her listeners. Anna lived and worked as a recording artist in New York City for two years before expanding her horizons to the music scene of Philadelphia.

After eight years abroad Anna returned to Scotland where she now lives and works as a freelance composer and pianist, writing music in her home studio for a variety of media projects both locally and further afield in the UK and US.

Anna’s work in the studio is unique, intimate and delicately written and she proves herself as a versatile writer with an active imagination for beautiful melodies and interesting musical direction. Anna finds herself being compared to Sarah McLachlan and Agnes Obel, and is influenced by such current composers such as Nils Frahm and Ludovico Einaudi.